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Welcome To 14 Network International

We are a non-governmental organisation, to open our vision is to address problems in Education, Health, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Agriculture. We are geared towards furthering the development of Africa and the world at large and together we can achieve this with your support. We strongly assure you that whatever donation and financial support you render will be channelled towards the right course. We hope to reach out to other African countries and help ameliorate poverty with your support.

14 Network International

Education and entrepreneurship have become interchangeable with growth, change, progress, sustainability and any term that speaks of moving forward, so it comes as no surprise that both habitually take centre stage in economic planning discussions. Access to early childhood, primary, and secondary education must be a fundamental goal. International targets must thus, focus on the entire basic education cycle. Equity needs to be a central concern, with particular attention to gender and other dimensions by which people are marginalized and this is where 14 Network international comes in.

14 Network International

Much of the current focus of health care delivery in Africa is on traditional and visible factors like HIV and malaria. However, changes in lifestyle and a growing middle class are making noncommunicable diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes big issues among populations. Rapid urbanization and increased Westernization of lifestyles among the middle classes is causing an increase in the risk factors that cause noncommunicable diseases. People consume more fast food and packaged foods, which tend to have high levels of sodium; they engage in less physical activity, sitting in their cars and buses on their way to work; and they are more likely to consume alcohol in their leisure time. Another risk factor is an increase in smoking rates across populations. Technology is transforming how health care is delivered in Africa, giving more people in remote areas there and around the world access to better care. Likewise, easier access to data helps both doctors and policymakers make better-informed decisions about how to continue to improve the system. Even with these strides, however, the continent's health care system faces big challenges. this why 14 Network international is playing a key role supporting the healthcare system in africa.

14 Network International

Seventy-five percent of the world's poorest countries are located in Africa, including Zimbabwe, Liberia and Ethiopia. The Central African Republic ranked the poorest in the world with a GDP per capita of $656 in 2016. According to Gallup World, in 2013, the 10 countries with the highest proportion of residents living in extreme poverty were all in sub-Saharan Africa. Extreme poverty is defined as living on $1.25 or less a day. In 2010, 414 million people were living in extreme poverty across sub-Saharan Africa. According to the World Bank, those living on $1.25 a day accounted for 48.5 percent of the population in that region in 2010. Approximately one in three people living in sub-Saharan Africa are undernourished. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations estimated that 239 million people (around 30 percent of the population) in sub-Saharan Africa were hungry in 2010. This is the highest percentage of any region in the world. In addition, the U.N. Millennium Project reported that over 40 percent of all Africans are unable to regularly obtain sufficient food. Join 14 Network international to help.

14 Network International

Entrepreneurs are individuals who identify market needs and launch firms to meet those needs. Unlike salaried employees, entrepreneurs assume ownership risks. In this article, as in most literature on entrepreneurship, entrepreneurs include not just the founders of business firms but also "second-generation operators of family owned firms, franchisees, and owner managers who have bought out the founders of existing firms". Although the terms entrepreneur and small business manager are not synonymous, most entrepreneurships begin as small businesses. Currently, most African entrepreneurs manage their small-scale enterprise, hence we use the terms entrepreneur and small business interchangeably in this article. Consistent with the definition of a small business by the African Development Bank and the International Finance Corporation, we define a small business as a firm with less than 50 employees or assets of less than $15 million. These small business are faced with limited funding and this where 14 Network international comes in.

14 Network International

Investment in agriculture is key for economic growth and job creation among Africa's farmers, but significant constraints remain before they can fulfil that potential. That's according to Grow Africa's Enabling Environment survey. It found that, while private-sector investors in African agriculture report improvements in the "enabling environment" ­– the overall factors that allow investment into a country – progress is too slow to unlock the sector's potential to drive economic growth. Lack of access to affordable finance is consistently cited by private-sector investors in agriculture as the number one obstacle to implementing projects on the ground. Only 35% said they could access appropriate finance for their investment. Agriculture and Food and Security Investment Plans (NAFSIPs) should be informed by a better understanding of which public and private investments. As a strong private investor, 14 Network international has being championing the growth of this sector in its own liitle way.

About 14 NETWORK


With a one time fee of $32.5 (#6500), you can help save a life and start your Journey to financial freedom!


To touch the lives of the less privileged, widows,orphans, empower people financially and raise up millionaires in a short period of time.


Touching lives and empowering people in a positve way thus, ensuring self reliance and ability to help others.


Addressing problems in Education, Health, Finance, Entrepreneurship and Agriculture.

Why Partner with Us?


Free entrepreneurial training

At one time or another, almost everyone has had the idea of starting their own business. What separates the successful businesses from the ones that crash and burn is the work done to realistically determine if the business will succeed. The excitement that comes with entrepreneurship needs to be tempered by due diligence before you move forward in your venture. Get free entrepreneurial training from 14 Network.

Skill Acquisition

Free Skill Acquisition Programs

Our model at 14 Network Skills Acquisition is focused on training eligible teenagers/youths on vocational courses and professional skills such as: 1. Trendz (How to use Ankara to make shoes, bags, and other accessories 2. Fashion Designing (Complete seams and stiches module) 3. Wire Works and Bead Making 4. Core graphic design and Website development 5. Events planning and decoration 6. Hair dressing and barbing 7. Food processing and catering With core entrepreneurial and moral training. We are making a huge difference by offering a COMPLETELY FREE training to all investors.

Social Platforms

Opportunity to network with likeminded people on our social platforms

This quote, shared by a client during interviews for our 2016/17 impact report, encapsulates both a big barrier and an opportunity for many of us in the non-profit sector. The client was sharing his experience of working with 14 Network last year. At 14 Network, we are privileged to already work with a wide range of people of this kind: our staff, Big Local Reps, and our many partners. However, we know that there are many more individuals who share our commitment to creating flourishing communities with whom we could work.

Car and a House

Opportunity to own a car and a house of your own within 2-3months

This one is just the ticket for investors, extended families, work from home or those looking for extra income to pay for their dream cares and houses. Located in a fantastic position in one of an exotic Beach's most sought after streets, opportunities like this don't come to you very often. Occupy both, live in one and rent out the other or simply rent out both - the choice is yours! Come and see for yourself the options this low maintenance brick and tile property provides. A luxury car awaits you for a family cruise for life at 14 Network Internation.

Assets and Properties

Opportunity to own and managed Assets and properties with support

Real estate investing involves the purchase, ownership, management, rental and/or sale of real estate for profit. Improvement of realty property as part of a real estate investment strategy is generally considered to be a sub-specialty of real estate investing called real estate development. Real estate is an asset form with limited liquidity relative to other investments, it is also capital intensive (although capital may be gained through mortgage leverage) and is highly cash flow dependent. Do like that? Yes ! At 14 Network, we can make you a Real Estate Manager of your own.

Touching Lives

Opportunity to touch the lives of less privileged, orphans, widow and the needy

Helping 14 Network International renders help and amazing services that touches and empowers lives of members and non-members (less privilege, window, motherless homes and the needy). We believe in helping people to live a better lifestyle, get out of poverty, lack and want. As an organization, we believe in our members and we like to affect lives of others through them, since they are closer to the people around them. It is required of our members to recommend people (the needy, widows, Helpless) for empowerment. By so doing, they become our help partner.

Business Funding

Business loans and grants

Looking for "free money" from the government to start your small business? Then you've come to the right place, because I'm here to tell you that – for the most part – there isn't any. If you need capital, don't waste your time pursuing "free money." Chances are you won't find it. Consider a small business loan or line of credit instead. 14 Network International is especially friendly to small business borrowers and can frequently offer lower interest rates than traditional banks.

Academics Funding

School loans and grants

Few college-bound students have the financial resources to pay for their post-secondary education entirely out of pocket. Even students with substantial college savings plans typically find that they are left with sizable amounts of unmet need. Financial aid from 14 Network International to help you pay for education expenses at an eligible college or career school. Grants, loans and work-study are types of federal student aid.

Brands for Incentives

Compensation Plan 14 Network

If you're ready to achieve your dream of independence and security, our generous, industry-leading compensation plan will help you get there. It's all about 14 Network International. Through our compensation plans and rewards, we've developed an efficient structure to help you build your business with compensation that rewards you as you grow.

    ₦20,000 + Andriod Phone
    ₦50,000 + Laptop/Generator/Plasma TV
    ₦400,000 + Toyota Car
    ₦600,000 + Toyota/Hyuandi SUV + Dubai Trip
    ₦5,000,000 House Support + Kid Scholarship
    ₦22,400,000 + 1,000,000 anaully